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Armed Assault 2

Armed Assault 2 is a tactical first-person shooter. We are running Total conversion mod



We have ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead server running, with Advanced Combat Environment, Build 595 (2013-08-15). Yep, it's a full conversion modification for Arma2.

Install OA

Install ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead from your preferred media. On Steam, you also need to install vanilla Arma 2. Set the following launch parameters for best performance on modern systems:

-nosplash -maxMem=2047 -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -malloc=system -noLogs -world=empty
  • You can give "-mod=@mod;@mod;@mod" or "-mod=file.txt" as startup parameter to load all the necessary mods.

Mods download

Download mods, deflate content to Arma2 install folder, e.g.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

As a result, You will have folders like

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@ACE


Extract from (SteamApps case)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@ACE\store\userconfig.tar

Browse to <OA folder>/@ACE/store Open userconfig.tar and extract userconfig folder to <OA folder> You should now have <OA folder>/userconfig/ace/ folder with ace_*.hpp files in it

Download Hulazone and STHUD

Download .rar from [1] and SThud from [2] (copy the file from /a2/ to your mod folder).

Change player name

In Main window (after starting Arma2:OA) go Profile management.

Create new profile, use it with game.

Otherwise the game won't see Your name correctly since Mods need naming to be triggered.

In-game settings

On first game run, adjust game settings as following:

  • Display (native full screen).
  • 3D size (native full screen), in this order.
  • adjust mouse speed almost zero.
  • adjust mouse acceleration zero.

Adjust Video memory setting to 'default', it is better than Very high. From Game settings adjust Head Bobbing to minimum.

Mods installed


On this example, screen shows mod pack logos on bottom and on right list of ACE mods loaded.

Join Multiplayer

Multiplayer window, click REMOTE on lower-right, type server address and ask password from IRC channel.

Keyboard buttons, check that comma/dot have associated as Talk-to-Team/Talk-to-Squad.

Server setup

Server : (

The dedicated server hosting the game is running VAC-enabled steam version. Server is password protected. Please ask for password on irc channel.


All maps included in the game.


Server installation is based on instructions from .

  • Dedicated user was created using adduser with --disabled-login.
  • Adjust system number-of-open-file in /etc/security/limits.conf:
* soft nofile 4096
* hard nofile 4096
  • Copy ArmA2OA files to directory ~/arma2arrowhead
  • Make server configuration to ~/cfg/server.cfg[3].
    • Workaround: CONFIG path incorrectly strips the first character of path. This causes server to fail parsing configuration and just hang in there eating 100% CPU. Work around this by adding extra slash (/) to beginning of configuration pathname.
  • Unpack a2oa dedicated server pack[4].
  • lowercase all directories with "tolower". This will require some manual work since there are both "expansion" and "Expansion" directories.
  • Copy addons directory from ArmA2.
  • Start server with:
arma2oaserver start
Arma2 lentokone.jpg