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We operate our own gaming servers. About 30 enterpise-grade rack systems running. Production environment with 200µs 10GE internet connectivity.

Network Equipment

10x full-GE switches, CAT6 cabling. Tested with 16 gigabit uplink at Kylälanit Spring 2015. ISP was Aalto Student Union.

WLAN system in developement. Currently 2.4GHz 802.11g/n WPA2 with AES bridged to LAN, with roaming with forced 54 mbps for low latency. Also as bridge to internet, if needed.

Shaping jars for smaller LAN-parties: Cisco 887VA-K9 ~100mbit throughput @64B, APU ~200mbps.


10x Stairville LED Flood TRI Panel 7x3W RGB DMX

4x Stairville LED Par56 Pro 24x3W black RGB DMX

3x ADJ Mega Tri Bar DMX

1x DMX light control desk

1x DMX control laptop with qlcplus


  • stereo PA speakers, individual 75W drivers XLR & 1/4 TS-plug input.
  • Few small computer-oriented 2+1 systems.


  • 3x 3-phase 32A 10m
  • 2x 3-phase 16A 10m
  • 1x 3-phase 16A 15m
  • 1x 3-phase 16A 5m
  • 4x 3-phase 16A to 3-to-1-phase splitters
  • 1x 32A heavy electrical center (fusebox) with 1x 3-phase 32A, 1x 3-phase 16A, 3x schuko 16A
  • 2x 16A 3-phase in, 3-phase out fusebox with residual current breaker (vikavirtasuoja)

Soon (TBD) 125/63/32A splitting to 16A power sockets with fuses (johdonsuojakatkaisija).

LAN-table specific extension cords: 30+ 8-socket (rack 1U panel PDU).

Basic extension cords: 10x 6-socket 1m, 10x 3-socket 3m, or more.


A set of 16 identical computers located at our own clubroom Pelitila, although GPU's are different. All Core2-Quad intel-P35/ICH10 8GiB/ram 250GiB/hdd with Windows 7 Pro OEM licenses.

10x 20" 1680x1050 IPS flat panels Dell 2007WFP, inputs: DVI VGA S-video Composite. 10x 20" 1680x1050 TN flat panels Dell 2009WFP, inputs: DVI VGA.

Some mice and keyboards for those.


Today used mostly as status monitorin devices.

8x HP NC6120. Pentium-M, integrated ati dx9/sm2, 512M ram, no disk, usb booted. OpenTTD runs fine.

10x IBM Thinkpad R50p, pentium-m 1600x1200 RAM/2GB HDD/60GB ati-RV650.

BIOS: disable Wake-on-LAN and Floppy disk.
sudo -e /etc/apt/sources.list -> main contrib non-free
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install firmware-linux-nonfree firmware-iwp2x00 mesa-utils openntpd