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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a sequel to a co-op survival horror first-person shooter.

Killing Floor 2 trailer

The game is currently in EARLY ACCESS. So much of the functionality is not available and the server may require frequent reboots due to updates.


KF2 is not an easy game. Solo-play has severely nerfed enemies to make it possible. Team play is a requirement on harder difficulties. Don't get discouraged when the zeds decimate you and your mates. Get better and make 'em hurt.

KF2 is Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) based game, and it has issues inherited from the engine. Here's a guide to disable mouse acceleration.


Server : (

NOTE: Windows server, due to Linux binaries not being available at this point.

Player limit 6 (may be temporarily raised but this disables perk leveling)

The dedicated server hosting the game is running VAC-enabled steam version. Server is password protected. Please ask for password on IRC channel.


Riba. If something doesn't work, bug him.


All maps (4) included in the game. Plus some community maps: kf-bloodbank, kf-h1n1_defence_f1, kf-sectorc3-v3a, kf-defence-b2-finalized, kf-lilapanic-final, kf-subterrane-v2, kf-darkzone.

Community maps are hosted on

To add maps:

  1. Copy map to the server, put it in the KFGame/BrewedPC/Maps/ folder.
  2. Copy map to dickwad server, lowercase the name and store it in the kf2 map folder.
  3. Add map entry to the Config-KFGame.ini file, using the lowercased name.

The lowercasing is required since the game relies on case-insensitive filesystem, but the webserver is case-sensitive.


Server is set up using the Tripwire dedicated server guide.