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Polygame ry was established on 16th June 2007, registered on 20th Dec 2007 and approved to TKY's 1st registry in 2008.

Polygame ry #197.788 in Registry of Association [1]

Postal address: Polygame ry, P.Box 69, FIN-02151 ESPOO, FINLAND

Bank contact: Polygame ry, 111230-380623, IBAN: FI29 1112 3000 3806 23. All incoming payments cost 0.50 €.


Name irc Title
Karl Lipping olleas Chair
Vilho Mäkelä vilhom Secretary
Panu Laasonen misterbinu Treasurer
Veli-Pekka Hämäläinen morbeus Board member
Esa Häkkinen syke Board member
Lauri Oskari Lahti exla Board member
Jori Lemettinen judgejor Board member
Jaakko Peni jaaggo Board member
Karo Laine Spydy Board member
Oskari Korpelainen oz (board auditor)
Ville Halkola finwe (board auditor)
Risto Järvinen riba (vice board auditor)
Petrus Rimpiläinen siprus (vice board auditor)

Previous boards can be found from board archive.

Board Diary

16.06.2007 Constitutive meeting on Espoo Coastal Vessel. In Google documents, see version 64 of Constitution paper, which was accepted. Memorandum, Consitution, Strategy, Constitutive meeting record.
03.08.2007 Declaration of Association delivered to National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (PRH).
19.09.2007 Declaration returned for rectification from PRH by Antti-Pekka Leinonen, 003580969395214.

Reason: Typo on name writing in Constitution, requirement for named vice-chairman on declaration, over ten different modifications required on TKY's constitution examples.

24.10.2007 Board Meeting. Proposal for modified Constitution version 96 was accepted. PG-2/2007-PK record
11.12.2007 General Assembly on Dernecon JMT7. Constitution version 96 was accepted. Asm 1/2007 record
13.12.2007 New revision of declaration, constitution and all previous papers delivered. covering note, Constitution version 96.


Yearly Reports

Year Document
2010 Vaalikokous 2010 Vuosikokous 2010 TKY:n yhdistysilmoitus 2010 !!!!
2009 Vaalikokous 2009 Vuosikokous 2009 TKY:n yhdistysilmoitus 2009
PG-1/2009-PK PG-2/2009-PK (update location)
2008 Vaalikokous 2008 Vuosikokous 2008
2007 Perustamiskokous Yleiskokous Strategia 2007

Establishment of Polygame ry

Document Date State
Memorandum of Association
PDF 2007 Approved by PRH
Minutes of the Memorandum of Association GoogleDocs 2007
Constitution of Association
Polygame ry, 2007 (rev.96)
2007 Approved by PRH

General association material

Board meetings are kept mainly in finnish, following TKY meeting generic guidelines.