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Rust is an open-ended 3D survival crafting game where players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Rust has some PvP elements, but we try to keep our server nice and co-operative.


Server : (

Server is running latest alpha-version, with firewall protection. Ask the admin to open your IP block. Firewall is to prevent abuse by random people, as common in open-world survival games. We only do co-op. Regrettably, the game developers like to push PvP on all players, and deliberately don't have password or steam-group protections.

Server also requires frequent updates, so it's likely to be running only on demand. Please contact the Admins if you're interested.




Map is fixed, the one provided by the game by default.


Using most excellent script by Daniel Gibbs. The user account to run the server was created without login permissions (--disabled-login).