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This page details the process of making the PG arcade cabinet project happen.


As of 1.11.2009, The Cabinet is almost ready. System was set up again (and upgraded to fix driver problems) during SIK-LAN Fall 2009. Needs still some polishing (to make it crash-proof, fix everything in place, finish decorating, etc.)


Polygame has official permission to place the arcade cabinet to the Village living room!

By degree KJ 2007/15 §11 23.10.2007:

§11 Kylän olohuoneen turvallisuus ja kulunvalvonta

Polygame-yhdistykselle annettiin valtuutus tuoda ja ylläpitää
arcade-pelikabinettia kylän olohuoneella.

The next phase is the get funding from TTEY, as soon as the cabinet has been installed. Though it seems likely that TKY will pay for the cabinet instead of TTEY. Given that TTEY has rejected the application over trivial matters multiple times.

Update: Got funding of complete price from Student Union funding of premises budget.

The Cabinet

The original cabinet is model Royal Giant from Dutch manufacturer. It was purchased used from RealGames in summer 2007. It's capable for handling two or four players, but we have only the control set for two players. The cabinet uses an extended JAMMA connector, that has been customized multiple times over the years.

The first thing we did was to check the cabling thoroughly. The cabinet is connected mainly through the JAMMA connector to a J-PAC module that makes it possible to connect the cabinet to a PC computer.

The cabinet was then furnished with a PC with minimal Debian GNU/Linux installation that runs with the special display mode required by the CRT tube. The PC then runs MAME with customized Wah!Cade frontend.

Update process

The cabinet is going to be updated with the help of TTER-grant during the first half of 2014.

The update includes the following:

  1. Screen
    1. Fix the current CRT OR
    2. Buy a new flat-panel monitor
  2. New PC which can handle newer games
  3. (Optional) PS3 which can be played on the same screen using the same sticks

Original plan

Monitori: 349,90€

Kabinetissa aukko 83cm x 56cm, + pari cm kehyksissä

PCB tikuille:

2x 2x 57,95€ + postikulut max 20€?


-? noin 135€ budjettia jäljellä


esimerkiksi 249,90€ malli. Huom, ei 12GB mallia, pelit parempi olla kovalevyllä

+ usb-johdot tikuille ~20e?

+kaapelit, connectorit ym elektroniikka max ~10e?

yhteensä 765,7€. Jos tietokoneella ajetaan vaan MAME, lähes mikä tahansa vanha PC pitäisi kelvata.

Jos tietokoneen, johdot kaapelit sun muut saa halvemmalla ja budjettia jää yli, PS3:lle voisi ostaa seuraavia pelejä innostuksen mukaan:


BlazBlue Chronophantasma (jp PSN), 6800yen

Guilty Gear AC+R (jp PSN) 1500yen

Persona 4 Arena (PSN) ~35euroa?

Darkstalkers: Resurrection (PSN) ~15 euroa? (aka vampire savior)

Chaos Code (jp psn?)

Aquapazza (jp psn)

Arcana Heart (psn)

Skullgirls (psn)

Divekick (psn)

King of Fighters 2002um (PSN)

King of Fighters XIII (PSN)

Tekken 2 Tag Tournament (PSN)

Super Street Fighter 4 (vain levyversio)

Jojo HD edition (psn) ~15e

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Super Street Fighter II turbo HD remix (psn)

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (psn)

Chaos Breaker (psn)

tikkujen layoutit:

Alternative 1 (current screen can be fixed)

  • Replacement parts for CRT + de-magnets for speakers: ~80 EUR

tot. 370 EUR

Alternative 2 (new monitor + PS3)

  • PC ~240 EUR
  • Monitor 350-550 EUR (Preferably black bezel, low latency & pixel persistence, good picture quality, 27"-32")
    • e.g. Asus MX279H or Sony KDL-32W653
  • PS3 12GB ~170 EUR
  • Large sata2-hdd 0-60 EUR (dumpster dived / bought if budget permits)
  • 2x PS360 120 EUR / comparable DIY adapter ~20EUR
  • PS3 games (0-N EUR)

tot. 780-N EUR