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Polygame is a LAN-party and gaming association for students of Aalto University. ‭Join here! It's free of charge. You can also join our chat channels #polygame@IRCnet or Telegram group!


The clubroom is located in Jämeräntaival 11CD and Polygame actives hang out there frequently. The clubroom is full of computers and related gaming equipment. If the door is locked, knock on the window with blue curtains and enter C-doorway. The actives with key to the clubroom can be contacted via IRC or telegram.


Polygame has lots of computer and LAN-party related equipment some of which can be rented. For further information, contact our board at polygame-hal BATANG

Game Servers

Game Server address Updated on this page
Assaultcube2.PNG Assault Cube
Ark.png ARK: Survival Evolved 13.6.2016
Arma2.gif Arma 2 CO ACE 2302 26.4.2017
Arma2.gif Arma 2 CO I44 2303 26.4.2017
Arma3.gif Armed Assault 3 19.2.2016
Csgo.gif Counter Strike Global Offensive 24.7.2015
Csgo.gif Counter Strike Global Offensive 24.7.2015
Csgo.gif Counter Strike Global Offensive 6.6.2015
Css.png Counter Strike Source 1.11.2016
Doom.png Brutal Doom 25.1.2016
Insmod.gif Insurgency 9.4.2016
Insmod.gif Insurgency 9.4.2016
Koffa icon.jpg Killing Floor 4.3.2015
KF2Icon.png Killing Floor 2 10.6.2015
Left4Dead2.png Left4Dead2 8.1.2016
Minecraft.png Minecraft 16.8.2015
Minecraft.png Minecraft, Tekkit 16.8.2015
Mumble.png Mumble 21.8.2015
7dtd.png 7 Days to Die 20.6.2016
Rust.png Rust 13.6.2016
Terraria-icon.png Terraria 16.8.2015

Servers use default ports unless mentioned otherwise.