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Polygame is a club for gaming enthusiasts, regardless of platform or genre. PC, Playstation, Xbox, DC, NES, Amiga, Arcade, Mobile, Dance Dance Revolution, Performous.. Our goal is to promote gaming as the good recreational activity it is.

Polygame was founded in summer 2007 and we've organized the event called SIK-LAN about two times a year. A weekend full of playing in a Local Area Network, with spare computers and systems available so anyone can participate just by coming in. LAN weekends don't promote drinking alcohol, much better results are gained with caffeine drinks.

Polygame has also worked on an arcade cabinet to be deployed in TKY's village Living room. The cabinet is in working condition, awaiting only compensation from TTEY if the paperwork finally goes through. Cabinet has been part of Living room design since 2007 (KJ 2007/15 §11).

Join the club by signing up on our mailing list. Daily happenings are best discussed in Ircnet channel #Polygame

Gaming videos are available in Youtube:


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