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16.06.2007 Constitutive meeting on Espoo Coastal Vessel. In Google documents, see version 64 of Constitution paper, which was accepted. Memorandum, Consitution, Strategy, Constitutive meeting record.
03.08.2007 Declaration of Association delivered to National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (PRH).
19.09.2007 Declaration returned for rectification from PRH by Antti-Pekka Leinonen, 003580969395214.

Reason: Typo on name writing in Constitution, requirement for named vice-chairman on declaration, over ten different modifications required on TKY's constitution examples.

24.10.2007 Board Meeting. Proposal for modified Constitution version 96 was accepted. PG-2/2007-PK record
11.12.2007 General Assembly on Dernecon JMT7. Constitution version 96 was accepted. Asm 1/2007 record
13.12.2007 New revision of declaration, constitution and all previous papers delivered. covering note, Constitution version 96.